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Thursday, January 15, 2015


If you not appreciate things I did, please shut your mouth up.
Hey? izit you the only ONE busy for assignment or exam? I'm leader but doesn't mean you guys don't have to be part of it. I'm human too, I might forget. I have my exam or assignment too. Is this fair enough? I spend whole night just to finished the whole report and explain to you all things that need to present. Ya, I'm busy body. If you don't appreciate my work, then do it your own. But when I asked you guys do, you all complain I give job last minute and you wont do it since last minute inform. WHAT THE FUCK?! and you complain this is a group work, we should do it together? If you say so, then why complain me did the whole report? Izit I'm happy enough to spend whole week and only sleep few whole just for the report? I hate excuses. Please, this is a group work, don't gave so much excuses, you can't come for practice and so on and at the end our presentation getting worst and worst just because of you! I don't hope to get any praises from you guys, I just hope you all appreciate things I did. You told me practice for presentation are waste of time, just because you are hungry or you are wanna go home earlier. Hey? I'm free enough to waste my time here with you?! LOL.

Thursday, October 30, 2014



Don't give me promises and end up leaving me alone.
That's hurt! Hurt enough!





Wednesday, October 1, 2014

20 Facts about ME.

1. I am a sport person.You can't imagine how sport I am. Running, swimming, badminton, basketball, dancing, tennis, whatever sport, I like that.

2. I am a caring person. I love to care people.

3. have a big body when I'm 14 years old and started diet when I'm 16 because friends called me 'elephant' and I did it :)

4. High self-motivate person. I love to motivate people and I hate people keep look down on themself. What for?

5. I'm a 'menfolk' girl. Because I can do thing guy can do, ofcourse, some I can't. lol. , I hate fake girl especially they always pretend infront guy.Disgusting.

6. I love wearing high heel. I feel confident when I wear that, because I love to walk like model fashion show...

7. I hate movie. Don't date me for movie in the first date please. I feel boring and I can sleep, especially cartoon and animation movie.

8. I love matured guy, not only their look, their way of thinking too. I can't stand for childish guy and always talk rubbish to me.

9. I love dancing. I not that professional, still a learner. But I will dance when I happy, when I sad and anytime. It make me feel alive.

10. I am a control freak. Everyone who know me agree too.

11. Emotional personality. I always think too much.

12. I prefer serious conversation rather than talking nonsense.

13. My dream that never change since I'm 6 years old, have my own cafe or restaurant.

14. I am a bread lover. The level I love bread you will never know. I can eat bread every single day. (That's why I can't be slim)

15. I hate, super hate selfish person. Who only care themself, and think about themself anytime, anywhere and anything.

16. I'm narcissistic. I'm sorry. I always think myself a pretty girl...

17. I love to do things alone,it always make me have a clearest mind.

18. I like to collect watches. Collect different watches to match my wearing.

19. I like to go out looking for stray cats and dogs and feed them eat.

20. I have my nickname (Jeniffer) since 13 years old.

That's me :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

22 Sept 2014

You know I'm saying you.
Sorry, I'm sorry for my emotional personality sometimes.
My dear, things change, and our friendship change too.
You know and I know too.
I know every time you tried hard to talk and out with me
We feel stress when out, talk, and even chat.
you worried make me angry, and I worried am I disturbing you.
I don't know since when we become like this..I don't know..

You know what, I received a message last Saturday,
my heart broken...
Not a big deal, not that serious, but my heart bleeding.
I feel sad, angry and disappoint.
I know, this might not my business, at all..
as long as you happy, is ok then..
but I care, I care you as my friend..maybe bestie, I don't know..
Yea, 1 year,  not  much experience we go through, but I care!
I care everything you do, I care you get hungry, you get sick, you get hurt..because you my friend.
because I really put my effort on it to do the best what friend should do.
But I know things change,
I tell myself, why am I so angry? I don't know.. I really don't know..
I can't even face you...I can't

I'm sorry,  for what I did to you
I have to stop everything that I do, to make both of us feeling better
This might my last time speak out my feeling,
It's hurt, really hurt..
I hate every time I put my heart on something and things get worst
that's my fault,
I choose to give up not to care, even it's hard enough
I trying very very hard...sorry

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

30 July 2014


我避开无事时过分热络的友谊,这使我少些负担和承诺。我不多说无谓的闲言,这使我觉得清畅。我尽可能不去缅怀往事,因为来时的路不可能回头。我当心的去爱别人,因为比较不会泛滥。 我爱哭的时候便哭,想笑的时候便笑,只要这一切出于自然。 

The people that are quick to walk away are the ones who never intended to stay. Some are not meant to stay.

I'm just only being myself…and I love being myself. Let go of any negativity in your life. Who cares? :D 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Things Happen In June

3rd Sem started :)
Everything back to normal
wake up at 3 and sleep at 12.
But of course busy life are always much more better than holiday.

Just feel to share something that happen in June.
That's the most luxury life I had before.
Gosh, I think I'm too over for that.
(But, sometimes life should be enjoyed!) 

5 June

New sem just started.
many class will be cancel of course
someone just plan to go KL for no reason...

Our first tried.
Tour Les Jours, Wolo
in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Seriously, I'm addicted ....
I just can't control when I saw bread!
The price was reasonable, of course the food and coffee there just too nice!
Should have a try.

Then we went to sit KL Hop-On Hop-Off 
I called this Ding Ding Bus But No Ding Ding
Ding Ding Bus is a Hong Kong famous bus.
We meet new friends who came from different country.
They are so friendly and nice.

9 June

Celebrate mom birthday at 21 Century, Kajang
The place we always went for steak 

The view at night

Love doesn't explained much. 

14 June

Thanks my dancing partner Tze Kuan who invited me for the performance.
Not that good and make too much mistake,
but we learn something at least.
Only 1 week for us to changed  and choreo some part of the new song
That's great enough to discuss and choreo with her. 
Experienced gain. 

Of course I have to thanks my friend, Pooi Yan who help us alot for this performance
My ''personal'' make up artist

She just too happy I think? 

The feeling when doing something you really love, 
no matter how hard it's, 
everything is worth.

Good service..
but her middle finger,
I wonder why...

15 June

Father day's
A sudden plan again,
Melaka...few hours trip.

Chicken rice ball
This fellow didn't when to Melaka for few years, 
so just plan to bring her there before went back my hometown, Seremban

I found out this in my dustbin
Someone just non-stop flu and cough 
Pity her. 

17 June

Just ignore my super ugly face.
My lazy friend who wanna eat grapes but lazy to peeled 
Everyone is showing me a weird face when they passed by .....

Someone just ''not that'' happy because some reason.
So we just have a walk after dinner
We're kid sometimes.
Hope she feel better after this. 

18 June

Plan to do assignment with Tour Les Jours, again...
but no Wifi there,
so venue changed to Starbucks
both picture from different days, not so sure about the date.

19 June

Sleeping beauty

How many times I went to Sushi Tei..
Just let me stop eating sushi for this few month...I gonna hate it.

Personality Test.
I think quite accurate!

Movie with friend after assignment.
watched 3 movie this few weeks, 
my new records...
Meleficient, Contracted, and Edge of Tomorrow
Nice one! 

20 June

I wonder how long I didn't out with my beloved family...
Shopping with mom and sis after morning class.

22 June

my hamdan (our nickname) back from Terengganu, Jungle
I miss her so badly :(

She told me she miss Dim Sum
So just bring her here..
Fried food Queen!

Bring her here for tea

We just non-stop talking from  we ''Hi'' until  ''Bye''
Always being care from her.
Aiya, my hamdan. Lots of love :) 

So, just share my days until here :) 

Yi Xuan :) 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week Before Sembreak End

Time flies .. so fast..
My one month holiday going to end (1 week left)
So of course I will spend my time wisely

Actually plan to have short trip with Pooi Yan but I can't :(
My superwomen mom was overseas for 8 days trip
So I'm the one who need to take care home

Back hometown last Saturday
Grandpa Grandma I miss you so so much :(
Sorry that couldn't back hometown often because I was busy for something
Have dance performance on June,  hope will have some improvement!
Morning went to breakfast before back hometown
My Baba
My youngest sister.

So after dinner, we just simply plan to mountain climbing (all of us too full after popo meal..she just give me too much meat. I love you popo!)
I don't eat pork .but the egg just killed me.
Hakka food too best!

Everytime before I went back Puchong, I said " gong gong, hug hug'' .
Gong Gong face will turn red and he will laugh then run away!
He just look cute isn't ?

That's too much mosquito here.

That's crazy cousin, always bully me!

He wrote " Today Weather are Good'' in mandarin.
then we started drawing.

I saw this puppy when back home.
so sad..
Why people are so responsible
Once you take them home, please be responsible to them!

He keep complaint his leg was tired and pain=.=

My younger sis start her college last Sunday
She just look cute when she wear formal to college..My sis finally grow up :')
Feel touched when she out from the hall i wonder why.
Then she show me her timetable for this week orientation. (From 6am to 11pm) ..MMU, are you mad?
So dad will fetch and bring her back.
and I the one alone at home whole day

So..this is crazy enjoyed, because from 7am I was busy until 8pm
only I can sit down to rest.
So 7am I woke up for breakfast ofcourse
and 9am I started wash 2 car and floor ourside my house (because dog shit too much)
It takes me around 2 hour.
Then I started prepared my own lunch.
after this,
my  4 hour workout time started
and after this will play with my little baby (my dog)
then I sweep and mop house (I'm a good daughter actually XD) then only I have my dinner
God, I admit I was getting older and older.. Backache after this ><

Mom recipe . Tomato as meal. 

My baby girl. FIFI
I feel sorry to her because a super long time I didn't play and talk to her.
Everytime I talk to her, she will sit beside me and listen to me.
Just be healthy ok my baby.

BIBI was my baby boy.
He just like a pig, sleep everyday!
This is how he look when want me bring him out.
Acting cool I think. 

My handsome daddy 

Wechat with mom!

She just send me this after video call!

That's the thing I do everyday.
Repeat, repeat and repeat!
Yea, have to out for dancing class now.
Bye ! :)